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Media Contact: (907) 463-2065

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News Release

Date: June 17, 2010

Coast Guard 17th District External Affairs Office

Contact: Coast Guard 17th District External Affairs Office

Office: (907) 463-2065

Imagery Available: Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary wrap Operation Yukon Coastie

KODIAK, Alaska - The crew of the Yukon Coastie boating safety outreach project prepare to get underway near Fairbanks on the Yukon River June 7, 2010. Adm. Christopher Colvin, Commander District 17, saw the team off as they embarked on the multiday trip. U.S. Coast Guard photo.  KODIAK, Alaska - An Auxiliarist from the Yukon Coastie boating safety outreach team instructs children in the proper wear and use of lifejackets in Tanana June 7, 2010, during their 860 mile river trip in interior Alaska. The crew was made up of Auxiliarists and an active duty Coast Guard member aboard three boats. U.S. Coast Guard photo. KODIAK, Alaska - The Yukon Coastie boating safety outreach team was excited to see Kids Don't Float lifejacket loaner boards in each of the eight Alaska native villages along the Yukon River in interior Alaska during a weeklong effort June 2010. The team travelled 860 miles and worked with 252 children and 70 adults. U.S. Coast Guard photo.  KODIAK, Alaska - The Yukon Coastie boating safety outreach team wraps up a weeklong effort June 14, 2010, at the bridge they left from a week earlier on the Yukon River. The project was the first of its kind in interior Alaska to spread the message of boating safety. U.S. Coast Guard photo.
Editors note: For high resolution copies of the photos please click on the corresponding image above.
Photos courtesy of the Yukon Coastie team.

KODIAK, Alaska – The Yukon Coastie boating safety outreach team wrapped their 860-mile round trip Monday upon return to the Yukon River Bridge on the Dalton Highway in the interior of the state.

Operation Yukon Coastie was a 10-day mission along the Yukon River to provide boating safety education to the residents of eight remote Alaska villages that commenced on June 6. Five members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and one active duty Coast Guard representative shared safe boating practices with 252 children and 70 adults during the voyage. This was the first time the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary have provided  a boating safety outreach program of this size and scope to rural interior Alaska.

The outreach program featured a visit from “Coastie,” the remote controlled robot boat used by the Coast Guard Auxiliary for youth programs in boating safety and discussion and exercises in the proper wear and use of life jackets.  

Villages along the Yukon River rely on the river and small power boats to travel, hunt, fish, gather firewood and a host of other activities most would accomplish with an automobile. These communities depend on the river for survival and unfortunately experience high rates of drowning fatalities.  

The Yukon Coastie team had a taste of life in rural Alaska and overcame many of their own challenges such as broken boat windows and blown trailer tires to make the trip a great success.

For more information, contact Ens. Olivia Munn at (907) 271-6741, or Ens. Allie Ferko at (907) 317-8700, For more information, trip highlights and imagery check out the official mission blogsite:


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