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News Release

Date: Sept. 03, 2012

U.S. Coast Guard

Contact: Public Affairs Detachment New York

Office: (212) 668-7114

Mobile: (917) 703-0983

Coast Guard assists actor Russell Crowe, kayaking off Long Island, N.Y.

NEW YORK – A Coast Guard boat crew assisted 2 kayakers, actor Russell Crowe and his friend, near Huntington Bay, Long Island, N.Y., Saturday evening.  

A Coast Guard Station Eaton’s Necks, N.Y., rescue boat crew was on patrol in Huntington Bay when they were flagged down by Crowe and his friend around 10 p.m., who had lost their way kayaking off Long Island.

The 48-year-old actor and his friend launched from Cold Spring Harbor Saturday and beached their kayaks in Huntington Bay after nightfall and sea conditions worsened. The two men were picked up with their kayaks by the Coast Guard boat crew and taken to Huntington Harbor.

The two men were reported not injured and wearing their lifejackets.

“It is common for the Coast Guard to assist boaters like this, but it was very cool to help Russell Crowe and his friend,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Robert Swieciki, the boat coxswain for the case. "Crowe and his friend were very grateful to get a lift."

The Coast Guard urges kayakers to always wear their life jackets when out on the water. Crowe and his friend were correct to beach their kayaks and request assistance when it got dark and conditions worsened on the water.


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