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(202) 372-4644,4633,4632

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Headquarters Media Contact: (202) 372-4644,4633,4632

9th Coast Guard District Mariner Feedback

9th Coast Guard District Logo

We're interested in your experience with either the U.S. Coast Guard or U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary on the Great Lakes.

Participation is voluntary.

To learn more about how you can help the U.S. Coast Guard protect our Nation while boating, visit America’s Waterway Watch at:

In which Great Lakes state do you primarily boat?
Please indicate if you are a member of any of the below organizations.
What kind of contact did you have with the Coast Guard?
Did the U.S. Coast Guard or U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary provide you with a service?
Local Coast Guard personnel are accessible to the boating public.
Local Coast Guard personnel make boating safety literature available (ex: federal requirements).
Local Coast Guard personnel are knowledgeable of the laws and regulations they are enforcing.
Local Coast Guard personnel are professional and courteous.
Local Coast Guard personnel make me feel safer on the water when I see them on patrol.
Local Coast Guard personnel attend my organization's functions to share pertinent information (when invited).
The Coast Guard patrols the area in which you boat:
The greatest danger on the water is from:
Please enter the letters from the image above.

Saving Lives and Guarding the Coast Since 1790.
The United States Coast Guard -- Proud History. Powerful Future.

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